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Dosbarth Piws (Year 1 and 2)

Welcome to the Purple class page. 

Year 1 and 2 are in the Purple Class. We are a small lively and enthusiastic, energetic and fun crew !

Mrs Miriam Hughes is our teacher, and Miss Lesley, Mrs Herbert and Mrs Wyn also work with us. On Monday Mr Williams teaches us Physical Education, and Miss Jones teaches us for the rest of the day while Mrs Hughes does other things in the office.


Summer Term


There's plenty of wild animals in the purple class this term!
Following a vote by the class children we have been learning about rainforests and wild animals.
In fact we have a class of lively little monkeys!
All of these have been measured from head to tail.

As well as monkeys many other animals have come to visit the class.

Year 1 has just finished creating hungry animals that open their mouth with an air-filled balloon.
Great work year 1!

Click here to read more!

Be careful not to get a bite from one of these crocodiles!



Sprin Term

Year 1 and 2 have been looking at fancy handwriting in a large family Bible. They have created their names and the first letter of their name is patterned and colourful.

We have started to learn about Anglesey's legends, one of which is the witches of Llanddona. This is the class work in the Craft and Creation area using a hand outline to make a witch........ wwwww yyyyyyy some of these are frightening!!

We have been learning remotely over the last few weeks but that has not stopped our children from producing incredible work. Thank you all for your special work, and your parents for their fantastic support! We are a great team of Parents, children and staff at Rhyd y Llan ! Here's a taste of their work over the last few weeks.

Appreciation Tree

Who and what do we appreciate ?

Appreciation Tree - click here

Measure and Count when building lego hearts or bricks.

Counting with Lego - click here

Colourful Ice

Experimentation and creation of tree decoration or sculptures

Colourful Ice - click here

The weather

Record the weather , create a rain cloud, measure the rain, create a weather sock , a hurricane in a bottle, or a rain instrument.

 The weather - click here

At the start of the term we looked at our emotions. Settled back into school after the lockdown, be kind together, use our hands wisely , and faces with a focus on portraits.

We have also done some work on Autumn season and looked at animals that are hibernating. Many thanks to those of you who made a metre stick using branches and other outdoor objects with your families at home. They were really great!

We are learning to measure length accurately, capacity and weight.

Work on handling money is being reinforced in our ‘ogla da’ shop selling soaps of all colours and pictures of dinosaurs , coloured hearts, multi couloured shapes, and perfume that has been made by the children with ingredients such as herbs, petals, flowers and plants.

Each pupil has had the opportunity to create lists, give and follow instructions when making a ‘Ych a fi’ (yuk) sandwich, and now learn how to give instructions on creating potions! Watch yourself- in case you are turned into a frog by one of our pupils!!

We are now learning about Anglesey's folk legends, which are full of magic and mystery. We have embarked on the legends Neidr Penhesgyn (the snake of Penhesgyn), Lleidr Llandyfrydog (the thief of Llandyfrydog) and Gwrachod Llanddona (the witches of Llanddona).

Every child's voice and contribution is important to us, and everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas , and it is put on our ‘little Voice wall’. In fact, all the children have great ideas!

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