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Dosbarth Gwyrdd (Year 4 and 5)

Welcome to the hustle and bustle of the Green Class

Mrs Looms-Williams is the teacher and Miss Kim is our great assistant!! Mrs Hughes comes to the class on a Monday morning to do Science work and then on Tuesday morning Mr Williams comes to teach us Physical Education.

Summer Term

News from the Green Class!

We have been very lucky last term as we have been working on the theme ‘CHOCOLATE!’ Yes that’s right—Chocolate!  Our idea of heaven! We read the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl and we wrote a character description of Augustus Gloop who is one of the characters in the book. Others created their own character and then wrote a description about them. It was fun trying to think of different adjectives and similes to describe our characters.

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Christmas term

Hello again from the Green Class!

We have been extremely lucky during the Christmas season as we have been allowed to go on a trip to see the round houses at Llynon Mill, Llanddeusant.

As we were doing work about the Celts it was great to see the round houses!!

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Since September we have been busy learning about people within the sports world who are ‘on top of their game.' We had fun using the Talkr app to speak as our person from the sports world. We have also been learning about inspirational people such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Stephen Hawkin. 

These are our acrostic poems about Nelson Mandela.

Some of us have created our own superheroes. We had to write a description of our superheroes and try to think about their special powers. We had fun putting our faces on the body of superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, Thor and Catwoman.

At Ysgol Rhyd y Llan teachers give us the skills to work independently in the areas where we have the opportunity to practise those skills that we have learned in previous lessons. We very much enjoy the tasks in the areas!


Our thhis term is ‘Môn mam Cymru’ (Anglesey mother of Wales). As part of our theme we will learn about the Celts and windmills. We are very much looking forward to a real start on the theme and to go on a trip to see the round houses at Llynon Mill. We will also have a virtual lesson about the Celts from a member of San Ffagan staff. We look forward to letting you know how this busy season is going!!

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