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Dosbarth Coch (Year 5 and 6)

Welcome to the Red Class

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Hughes are our teachers and Miss Jones is the assistant. Mrs Williams comes to our class to teach Art and Mr Williams to teach PE.


Summer Term


Since returning to school following the second lockdown the Red Class has been busy learning about. . . . . . . . . . . CHOCOLATE !!

The children were given a choice of possible themes and chocolate was chosen. We had lots of fun tasting different chocolate and saying which was our favourite and making graphs to show the results. We learned about how chocolate is made and where in the world cocoa beans grow. We read about Ama who works on a cocoa bean farm in Ghana and learned about her working conditions. Fairtrade helps families like Ama and we have put together a presentation on Fairtrade. This shows that we are informed and principled citizens.

We have researched different chocolate and put together a database of how many calories, fat, sugar and salt are in different chocolate.
The book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was popular and we have devised our own character based on Roald Dahl's characters.

We have just completed yoga sessions, we continue to do our  'A Mile a Day' and in our PE lessons we are learning how to play tennis.

By now we have moved on to learning about the seaside. We have gathered questions about what we would like to learn. We have already learned about the world's oceans and located Anglesey's beaches on a map. We have read about the 'Royal Charter' and will be producing a newspaper report on the event. We are learning how to be safe at the seaside and seaside holidays in the past.

The current restrictions mean that the end of term arrangements are slightly different this year but I'm sure we will have lots of fun.

The Celts

Last term has been very busy in the Red Class. As part of our work on the Celts we went on a trip to Llynnon Mill to see the round houses.

We have also been learning about the Celts in class. We have investigated through reading books and researching on the Web and writing a report about the Celts.
As you can see from our colourful exhibition, we have also designed Celtic houses after reading about them, writing a Celtic house advertisement, imaging a Celtic soldier after reading about it and researching Celtic artefacts. Phew!! After all the work we needed a holiday!!

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Since September we have been learning about people within the sporting world who are 'on  top of their game'.

We have also been learning about inspirational people such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. We have also been creating an acrostic poem about Nelson Mandela.

We have invented our own superheroes and written a description of them.

At Ysgol Rhyd y Llan teachers listen to our voice. In the Red Class we have a 'I have an idea' wall where we will gather ideas about what we would like to learn.

Our theme this term will be Anglesey, the mother of Wales where we will learn about the Celts, Anglesey windmills and we will consider the question 'Who is responsible for caring for the Earth?'

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